Books that we recommend

One or more good reference books on glass are an essential part of a collection. We have found the following books to be excellent references and recommend them to collectors. You can often find them at large Antique Malls, commercial bookstores or your local library.

Coes Book Elegant Glass: Early, Depression and Beyond (3rd Ed) by Debbie & Randy Coe - This is an update to the original book, with many pieces and patterns never before listed in any book. The photography is absolutely fabulous - closeups and pattern shots for every pattern listed. It looks like it will become a standard reference book for collectors and dealers in "elegant" glassware. You will find patterns from Paden City, Viking and Fenton, along with some patterns in Cambridge, Fostoria and others that have not been part of the content of other "elegant" books in the past.
Florence Book Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era - This is the book which most dealers use to quote "book" prices on elegant glassware. It lists many patterns by numerous manufacturers, and is often the only reference book available that shows a particular pattern. It is reprinted every two years or so, with updates to the pricing and often new patterns added. Other books listed below are more tailored to SPECIFIC manufacturers. This is "THE" general reference book for elegant glassware.
Fostoria Value Guide Fostoria Value Guide - This is a paperback value guide which provides the author's estimate of retail values for Fostoria glassware listed in their already publishedfour reference books on Fostoria, listed below. The plan is for this book to be periodically updated to reflect more recent prices and you should be able to purchase the value guide separate from the reference books. The pictures and information in the four reference books are not likely to change, while values always seem to escalate upwards. This is the first release of the value guide.
Fostoria Stemware Fostoria Stemware: the Crystal for America - This book, by the mother/daughter team of Milbra Long and Emily Seate, covers most of Fostoria's collectible stemware patterns from the 20's to the 50's. One of the most helpful things about this book is that it provides production dates and also illustrates the various sizes made in each of the "lines". A good reference for Fostoria collectors.
Fostoria Tableware Fostoria Tableware: 1924-1943 - This is the second of four books written by Milbra Long and Emily Seate. It covers most of the major tableware patterns (and a lot of minor patterns, too) made by Fostoria during the height of the "color years", which spanned the period 1924 through 1943. An excellent reference for collectors of Fostoria glass made during the depression years.
Fostoria tableware Fostoria Tableware: 1944-1986 - This is the third of four books written by Milbra Long and Emily Seate. It covers most of the major tableware patterns (and a lot of minor patterns, too) made by Fostoria at the end of WW II and up to the time the factory closed. An excellent reference for collectors of Fostoria glass produced during the 50's and 60's.
Fostoria Unusual Fostoria: Useful and Ornamental - This is the last of four books written by Milbra Long and Emily Seate. It covers odd pieces and patterns that just didn't fit properly into the other three books. Lots of vases, bells, decanters, smoking accessories, glass animals, oil lamps, and other miscellaneous items made by Fostoria over the nearly 100 years of their existance. An excellent reference for collectors of Fostoria glass made during the depression years.
Bones Fostoria Fostoria Glassware: 1887 - 1982 by Frances Bones - This is a new book which illustrates many pieces of Fostoria glassware not shown in any other books. The pictures are black and white, mostly catalog pages, but it's a treasure of information, and an absolute must for Fostoria collectors. Published by Collector Books, Paducah, KY.
Weatherman Fostoria Fostoria: the First Fifty Years by Hazel Marie Weatherman - the classic reference book on Fostoria, and all we had to work with until in recent years several wonderful books have been published (see above). But this book is still a very valuable reference book for the serious Fostoria collector. Long out of print, you have to hunt around for a copy. We sometimes have an extra copy that we can part with - if we do, the price is $85.00. Email us if you're interested.
Navarre Book Fostoria "Navarre" - This book was put together by four members of the Fostoria Glass Collectors, a Southern California club. It is a wonderful reference for collectors of the "Navarre" pattern, showing every piece that was made, years that certain pieces were made, some non-production pieces, and a wonderful section which explains how "Navarre" was made. It also covers the "Navarre" made by Lenox after the pattern was sold to them by Fostoria. A must for the "Navarre" enthusiast.
Cambridge book Colors in Cambridge Glass by the National Cambridge Collectors - a really wonderful book illustrating the various colors produced by Cambridge over the years of their existance. Photographs show selected pieces in each color, compare several similar colors and even show some experimental pieces. The only bad part is that one wishes for even more pictures of each color. We think this is a really important book to own. It is currently out of print. A new revision is available, but the color quality is poor and we do not recommend it as a result.
Flower Frogs Flower Frogs for Collectors by Bonnie Bull - a brand new book, just published by Schiffer Books, and it's absolutely wonderful! The book covers all kinds of flower frogs, not just the glass ones that we feature here. Bonnie's book covers glass, metal, ceramic and pottery flower frogs, figural and otherwise. Putting together this book was a monumental effort, and well appreciated. An absolute must for the Flower Frog collector. Visit the Flower Frog Gazette web pages for more information and an order form. And you'll enjoy the information on those pages as well.
Glass Animals Glass Animals including Animal & Figural items (2nd Ed) by Dick & Pat Spencer - This is a long awaited update to the book which was first published in 1993. Additional items have been added, and the prices have been updated as well. The original book was our only reference to glass animals and figurals, and the updated version is most welcome. Published by Collector Books, Paducah, KY.
Coes Animals Glass Animals by Debbie & Randy Coe - This is a very good softbound reference book on glass animals, with a particularly strong emphasis on animal figurals made by Fenton Art Glass Company, although many other manufacturers are covered as well. It covers quite a few items that don't appear in the book above. Published by Schiffer Books, Atglen, PA.
Fenton Fenton Art Glass: 1907 - 1939 (Second Edition) by Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer - a wonderful volume that covers the early years of glassmaking at the Fenton factory. Fenton was (and is) a very innovative company, and that is reflected in some of the patterns and designs of the early days. The effort put into research becomes apparent as you page through this book. An absolute must for the Fenton collector.
Fenton book Fenton Art Glass: 1939 - 1980 by Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer - the second volume, covering the years up to 1980. There is some overlap with the first book, but this one covers a lot of the "crest" patterns, milk glass, and hobnail, done during the 50's and 60's. Again, a well researched book, with lots of good color pictures, and if you are going to get the first one, get this one, too. Both books published by Collector Books, Paducah, KY.
Charleton book The Charleton Line by Michael and Lori Palmer - this book provides over 600 photographs of pieces of glass with the "Charleton" decoration on Glass and Porcelain from Fenton, Cambridge, Consolidated, Westmoreland, Duncan & Miller, Heisey, Imperial, Limoges, and others. If you thought "Charleton" only came on pieces of Cambridge's Crown Tuscan, this book will open your eyes to the extensive offerings of Abels, Wasserberg & Co
Paden City Encyclopedia of Paden City Glass by Carrie & Gerry Domitz - another excellent reference book on the wonderful and colorful glass produced by this West Virginia company. The nearly 1500 photographs are excellent and the book covers at least 50 different etchings done by Paden City. There is an excellent section on colognes and dresser sets. Published by Collector Books, Paducah, KY.


Caprice book Caprice - by the National Cambridge Collectors - This book covers a single topic: Cambridge's "Caprice" pattern. But, man, does it ever cover the topic - pictures of every known piece, along with production dates, colors and whether the piece was ever reissued by another company. There are even sections devoted to "Caprice" look-alikes, decorated "Caprice" and a history of the pattern. This book is an absolute must for "Caprice" collectors. Around $20. Available directly from the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc.
All About Glass West Virginia Museum of American Glass is a wondeful organization which has produced a number of low cost small booklets (they call them monographs) on a number of smaller glass companies, about which we know very little. Check out their offerings at their web site: "". They are now publishing a new quarterly magazine, All About Glass. It's about the things you want to know! Each issue brings 32 pages of information focusing primarily on 20th century collectable American Glass but also addressing EAPG, Contemporary Glass, Art Glass, Victorian Glass, Bottles, Marbles, and more...