Professional Glass Repair

Did you ever discover a chip on one of your expensive goblets? Or chip a serving dish that you are especially fond of? Or break a vase off at the foot? These folks really do work miracles repairing damaged glassware. When goblets were manufactured at the factory, the workers had to cut off the extra glass at the top and then polish the rims to make them smooth. These repairmen do essentially the same thing.

We DO NOT do glass repair ourselves.

We can proudly recommend the three businesses listed below.

If you want to find someone more local to you, the site has a great list of professional glass repairmen on their site. You should be able to find someone fairly close to you with their list.

One more thing -- while these folks do a fantastic job of restoring a piece, when we have an item repaired, we always mark the price tag with an "R" to indicate that the item was repaired. We are proud to have saved a piece of glass from the trash can, but believe that our customers need to know that the piece was repaired. In nearly all cases, you cannot tell by examining the piece.

Montano's Glass Repair

Montano's Glass Repair operated for many years in Southern California, and then moved to Idaho (to get out of the chaos). He does excellent work, and provides many services including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Cut glass recutting and restoration
  • Optically clear polishing
  • Refrosting Galle, Lalique, and Verlys
  • Rim repairs from goblets to chargers
  • Rolled edges as original
  • Broken stems from goblets to punch bowls
  • Stone wheel cutting, copper wheel engraving, modern diamond wheel cutting
  • Perfume daubers replaced

R.O.Y.'s Glass Repair

Real Oldies of Yesteryears
Roy Taylor
Puyallup, WA 98373
253-845-4471 or 253-845-3184
Roy Taylor can repair your glass for reasonable rates year round, not just at shows, with short turnaround times. He also does minor pottery and porcelain restoring, Tiffany style lamp shade repair (bending glass and metal repair), replacing curved glass in cases, and lamp repair. Roy works out of his home, so he asks that you PLEASE call first to have repairs done.

Mary Lou's Crystal Repair

1001 Oakland Avenue
Joliet, Illinois 60435

Crystal Repair is a tedious and time consuming ART that has taken me years to perfect. An art that can remove chips so well that it is virtually impossible to detect any repairs.
Glass cannot be added or re-fired. My process removes the chips by grinding and buffing. The glass must also be re-beveled and highly polished to perfection before it is returned to you as restored.
A few of the items that I am able to restore are goblets, vases, bowls and pitchers. Broken goblets can be turned into one-of-a-kind bells by removing the base and adding a crystal bead for sound. My re-styling process gives these broken goblets renewed value and beauty.